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4 Reasons to Switch From Cigarettes to Nicotine Pouches

In 2020, 1.18 billion people globally regularly smoked some form of tobacco, resulting in 7 million deaths. While consumption of cigarettes over the past decades has decreased, it’s a modest decline. Today, an array of alternatives to smoking tobacco is available to the public, providing people with safer and more environmentally friendly options, or a way to ease their way into eventually quitting entirely.

Of the many alternatives available on the market, nicotine pouches are one of the newer ones gaining popularity. A smoke-free and more discrete alternative to traditional cigarettes, many people are turning to flavored nicotine pouches to help make quitting easier and less stressful. In this post, we’ll go over the four reasons switching to nicotine pouches is the right move:

They provide reduced nicotine intake

Some “low-tar” or “light” cigarettes may come with less milligrams of nicotine than regular cigarettes. However, smokers who are used to heavier nicotine intake can just as easily puff harder to make up for the decrease in nicotine. This often leads to increased frequency of smoking due to cravings. In comparison, nicotine pouches take longer to absorb in your mouth, so you won’t use as much. Moreover, cheap nicotine pouches sold by Prilla come in varying nicotine strengths — between 2mg and 15mg — so you have more control over your intake. This can be helpful for avid smokers to gradually reduce their nicotine consumption, and especially beneficial for people looking to quit entirely.

They are smoke-free
Most countries have strict smoking regulations in places such as restaurants, accommodations, or workplaces, for both health and environment reasons. Nicotine pouches offer a smoke-free and discreet alternative for smokers only on the verge of quitting to be able to get their nicotine intake, without breaking any laws or getting fined for it. This also means people in establishments that don’t provide designated smoking areas can participate in activities — without disturbing non-smokers around them. Additionally, nicotine pouches don’t require spitting, allowing you to use them in most places where traditional tobacco products may be prohibited.

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They keep you fit so you can exercise
Exercising can help people who want to quit smoking by reducing withdrawal symptoms, as well as combating feelings of stress or anxiety from the withdrawal. Among many health risks associated with smoking cigarettes, lung health and capacity are often discussed because of the damage that smoke inhalation can do. Embracing a smoke-free alternative in the form of nicotine pouches will ensure people don’t cause damage to their lungs over time, allowing them to have ample lung capacity for physical exercises to keep fit. After all, activities such as running, swimming, and cycling can be difficult for those whose lungs may be affected from years of smoking, so nicotine pouches can be a good start to kicking the smoking habit and getting you exercise-ready for a healthier lifestyle.

They are FDA approved
Arguably a more popular option for smokers looking to quit is the e-cigarette, or electronic cigarettes. While these are widely available, the product has faced controversies leading to FDA suspensions and banning of sales. In fact, 99% of e-cigarette applications submitted to the FDA in 2020 were denied. Nicotine pouches, on the other hand, are FDA regulated and freely available to consumers. The product is also seeing large increases in sales as it gains popularity among people looking for alternatives to cigarettes.

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