5 Best CHeap KEto Friendly Amino ENergy Drinks BCAA

5 Best Amino (BCAA) Energy Drinks For Keto

Weight loss journey is really disturbing – managing diet and doing workouts, it is something that requires shear consistency and utter determination. Otherwise, people have been failed. But referring to former term of “disturbing”, it has been said on purpose here because there is an uncertain reaction of human body to routine shift.

The shifting of routine and poor guidance makes people to go for improper keto-diet with insufficient intake of minerals which later cause many problems during and even after the workout journey. Some people got dishearten and leave the journey in the middle.

ON Amino Energy

RSP AminoLean



7 different flavors

6 different flavors

12 different flavors

Stimulant Additive

How to Use?

can be used pre and post-workout

can be used pre-workout only

can be used pre and post-workout

Where to Buy?

One of the main minerals of human body that needs to be managed properly is “Amino Acids”. Amino acid level in body play important role in mental and muscle health because it delivers aid in reaction to fatigue in body.

Introduction of (BCCA) Amino Energy Drinks:

Branched chain amino acid (BCCA) energy drinks are the drinks which are used to recover the deficiency of amino acid minerals, occurred in human body due to cardio and other workout exercises or due to following weight loss diet (keto-diet).

The minerals are likely to be released more in cardio because cardio releases more sweat from body then other strength exercises.

Fitness experts recommend some supplements to overcome the deficiency of minerals even if one is observing keto-diet, the list of the supplements contain “(BCCA) Amino Energy Drinks” as a compulsory component.

Why Energy Drinks are Important?

Dieting (even Keto-diet), generally, are not fully able to fulfill the need of sufficient amount of minerals on daily basis. So, experts introduce the supplements to the diet for meeting the sufficient need of human body. 

If one is a fitness freak or just a regular guy who is shedding some extra pounds so he should must have to take amino energy drinks for balancing his amino acid levels.

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Amino Energy Drinks Dosage:

The dosage and method to use is mentioned on each specific product.

But here is a main point that one has to keep in mind that there are two types of drinks available in market, one has stimulus and other one lacks any stimulant additive. The stimulant is added to provide energy boost. Products which have stimulants are taken before workout or pre-workout. And the other type can be used during or even after the workout.

Amino Energy Drinks Benefits:

Amino Energy Drinks have multiple benefits. The main among those include balancing the levels of amino acids in human body. Along with this amino energy drinks are also responsible for;

  • Significant Improvement in the nourishment of muscles of human body.
  • Relief to human body from fatigue after intensive workout.
  • Sometimes due to exercises, our muscles get sored. To treat soreness of muscles, these amino energy drinks can be consumed.
  •  Doctors recommend these drinks to people who have some special kind of liver disease.

Amino Energy Drinks Side-Effects:

A scientific research has found that consumption of amino energy drinks has lead to hospitalization of individuals who had a history of mental illness in their past. [Source]

If you are a guy or girl, who had any kind of mental disease or illness in your childhood or after that then you might not be in a stage to take any kind of energy drinks plus you can always consume it after consultation with your physician.

Now, moving to the main point of the article which is the solution of our question in mind that what are the best amino energy drinks with keto or no keto diet?

List of Best-Selling Keto – Friendly Amino (BCCA) Energy Drinks:

The answer to the question above is a list of best selling and well performing products that are recommended and used by fitness experts on daily basis.

But, please don’t confuse in the concept that amino energy drinks are for body fatigue, muscle growth and other various benefits mentioned above. These products won’t burn the fat cells of human body for burning the fat cells, one has to go for cardio or any other workout.

 Plus, these amino acid energy drinks won’t activate ketosis in human body for activation of ketosis in human body, one can try any popular keto supplement. If you are wondering, where to buy the best keto supplement for activation of ketosis, Team Platinum has written many reviews and click to check our recommendation.

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Keeping this in mind, now it will be easier for us to provide you best recommendation for keto-friendly amino acid energy drinks.

1. Optimum Nutrition Amin.o. Essential Energy:

The winner in the race of best keto friendly amino energy drinks is ON Amin.o. Essential because it is a complete package and has all the ingredients some of which are not present in other product available in the market.

Best Feautre: The mixture won’t give the extra sweet taste. People got irritated when they eat the extra sweet products. This irritation can be avoided by having this drink.


  • Works exceptionally for muscle growth
  • Perfect partner for workout – it alleviates tiredness
  • Fine powdered grains – easy to mix


Have to follow the recommended dosage, otherwise, it will feel like extra sweet too.


Amino is the top-rated among the optimum nutrition catalogue and when we have researched for the reason, we could not resist ourselves giving him the title,” winner” because it has been created with the most advanced formula created so far.

2. MUSCLETECH Amino Build:

Muscletech’s Amino build is the second most efficient energy drink. Its intake works like a sudden boost of energy in human body. It has limited flavor collection but if you are not flavor conscious than this could be a better option too.

Best feature: The sudden boost thing is quite uncommon in all product. That’s why the manufacturer claims that it is the best supplement according to him.


  • Also easy to mix it – just add the scoop in water and have it
  • Proved muscle recovery from workout
  • More growth of lean muscles in body


People gets worried to see the half quantity, the manufacturer states that they have been adding the powdered by weight of it rather than volume.

Conclusion: If you love watermelon or strawberry flavor than it will also be a great for you.

3. Evlution Nutrition – BCCA Energy

Evlution BCCA Energy holds the third position on the list because it has been made from unique formula that works post-workout too. Other amino acids work best when used before workout but this goodie can be used after workout as well.

Best feature:

It also comes with a unique collection of 9 flavors.


Sugar free – no need to worry of sugar intake with Evlution

Improves brain health – additional antioxidants have been added along with vitamin C against stress and anxiety.


No sugar and gluten give a tasteless experience than other products.

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4. RSP AminoLean All-in-One Pre-Workout:

The AminoLean is somehow unique in a sense that it has been designed specially to provide aid to Keto or Weight loss diet. It contains ingredients which will help you to remain in ketosis for a long time of period and will eventually results in better muscle growth along with excessive fat burning.


  • It also aids the ketosis process – better than above mentioned supplements
  • Provides muscle growth – like above mentioned supplements
  • Burns excessive fat cells – different from others
  • Free of calories and sugar, AminoLean supports your weight goals with a blend of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), L-carnitine powder, green tea extract, and green coffee bean.


It contains milk not for vegans

5. BSN Amino X Muscle Recovery:

Bsn Amino X is different from other because it has special formula that provides you assistance during workout and also relieve to muscle after workout. It basically not that much into providing aid for burning cells where AminoLean helps. It can go along with any time of workout or exercise routine.


Versatile flavor collection

Stimulant free can provide better results it used after workout

Not sore as much after my workouts


Really sweet


Team Platinum has reviewed each and every product and we have found each and every one of the above effective when it comes to providing endurance during workout and enhancing the muscle growth. Feel free to try each product and do share your experience with us. We would love to listen and share your views. Thanks!

Buyer’s Guide

You have to pick up according to your flavor need. There are no major or minor side effects of each product above reviewed. Consumer only dislike the taste due to their poor understanding of flavors. If you are a complete beginner, we would suggest you to pick a flavor that you like the most. This will reduce the chance of any type of complaint related to flavor issue.


Are amino energy drinks good for you?

If you are doing exercise daily or following a workout routine than you must have to take amino acid energy drink supplements otherwise your muscle sore and can cause fatigue due to which you will feel tired as hell and won’t do anything for the rest of the day.

What is amino energy drink?

Amino energy drink, is a drink that contains branched chain amino acid groups. These acid groups are no less than building blocks in human body. Due to excessive sweating during workout or exercise, the amino acid groups leave from body along with sweat. The deficiency of which results in fatigue and muscle soreness. The drinks having amino acids are used to overcome this deficiency and maintain body energy level.

Where can i buy amino energy drink?

We have, here provided the useful links which will bring you to the official website where one can successfully make the purchase.

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