Flirty & Fun Layering Options for Fall

Layered outfits might just be the best part of fall. Stylish women know the special thrill you get as you stand in front of your closet choosing separate pieces to layer into a single, trendy ensemble. We are thrilled to share fall layering essentials and tips for layering the perfect look. Get the 411 on the tops and must-have bottoms that layer like a dream. It’s the right moment to update to an up-to-the-minute wardrobe for fall.

Cute L’il Camis

The bottom layer is one of the most important aspects of layered outfits. Top-wise, what are you layering beneath your hoodies, cardigans, jackets, and button-downs? It can’t be anything too thick, or else you’ll end up with unsightly bulges. Trying to layer thick separate pieces makes your clothing appear ill-fitting and uncomfortably tight. Ideally, the bottom layer should be lightweight and cool, and maybe even sport a hint of lace. Short sleeves and sleeveless tops are best. Little camis and tank tops are even better. A lovely lace tank or silky camisole, for example, can fit beneath sweaters, blazers, kimonos, and more.

Opt for thin, lightweight sweaters in various colors and patterns. You can wear them over a camisole or a long-sleeve shirt. V-neck and crew-neck sweaters are classic choices that can be dressed up or down.

In-Vest-Ed In Autumn

Have you noticed the prevalence of vests this season? They’re an autumn standout, and we aren’t complaining. Vests fall in-between tops and outerwear. They’ll keep you warm but not too warm, which explains why they’re so essential in fall layering. You can choose from a variety of stylish options. Reversible vests are practical but on-point. Plaid vests and fleece-lined items are outdoorsy. Try out a tomboy aesthetic for the season. You can also settle for making a statement. Throw on a faux fur vest over your little black dress or jeans and sweater combo for a Boho chic touch.

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Mini Mayhem

It might as well be a fashion crime to forget about your bottoms as you piece together layered outfits for the fall. Bottoms aren’t as easy to layer, but it’s not impossible. You have to get creative and use your imagination to envision autumn-friendly outfits. Mini skirts are currently trending in spite of the dropping temperatures. Guess what? That presents you with a unique opportunity to layer your bottom half. Thin leggings offer an edgy way to make your skirts more in-vogue. Opaque tights with chunky shoes will give your ensemble a nostalgic ’90s edge. In that respect, you can always wear a pair of knee socks, too.

Versatile Button-Ups

Button-ups are well-suited to fall layering because of their versatility. They can layer above or below. What we mean is that you can wear a button-up over a tank top, tee shirt, or cami. That’s a perfect fall outfit once you add a hoodie and a pair of skinny jeans. However, a button-up shirt can be your base layer, as well. Wear it beneath a pullover sweater. That outfit is full of crisp, preppy charm. For an aesthetic that combines hipster with punk, you can flip it around and layer a button-up beneath a tee shirt. As an extra tip, thermals beneath tee shirts are on-point, too.

Create dimension by layering different types of shirts, like a button-down shirt under a sweater or a plaid flannel over a T-shirt.

Nifty Knits

We mentioned the charm of button-ups beneath sweaters. Now, let’s talk about layered outfits with sweaters as the star. It’s a technicality, but tanks and tees layer effortlessly beneath sweaters, as well. You can’t see them, though, unless you happen to wear a cardigan. That counts, but it’s not the same with a pullover.

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When you layer with a pullover sweater, you want the other pieces to show. See why button-downs are aces for that? Let the collar and cuffs peek past your sweater. In some cases, the sharp triangles of your shirttails might be visible, too. Whether you pair the combo with jeans, fitted pants, or pencil skirts, it will put some prep in your step.

Tees, Please

With all the talk about tees, we have to discuss their functionality as fall layering pieces. Seasonal tees bring some humor and sass into your autumn. Just as an aside, PLB has a can’t-miss selection of graphic tees with cheeky messages. Grab whatever makes you giggle. Seriously, you can wear them beneath hoodies, button-downs, and cardigans, over button-downs, under pullovers—the list never ends.

Dynamic Dresses

Not all dresses lend themselves to layered outfits, but the ones that do are irresistible. There’s a secret here, but it’s simple and easy to remember: go with jumpers. Jumpsuits require something beneath. In fall and winter, that involves wearing blouses with eye-catching cuffs and collars, mock turtlenecks, lightweight sweaters, and long-sleeve shirts with smart details. Corduroy jumpers are the top pick for effortlessly off-duty looks. For an uptown take on the style, dress up in a faux suede showstopper.

Turtleneck sweaters or shirts are a classic fall layering option. They keep your neck warm and can be worn under blazers, cardigans, or dresses.

Layered in Leggings

Time to go back to the bottoms for a minute. Have you considered the potential of using leggings for your fall layering? Leggings are more substantial than hose and tights. They’re thicker, which makes them warmer. From late fall into winter, you want to go out with your legs fully covered. Putting a pair of smooth, skin-tight leggings beneath your mini skirts and even your distressed denim shorts is a genius way to stretch the shelf-life of your bottoms. Usually, you have to hang up the skirts and shorts. Layer wisely and you can wear them all year instead.

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Extend the life of your summer dresses and skirts by wearing them with leggings or opaque tights. This adds warmth and allows you to continue wearing your favorite pieces into the fall season.

Dressed Up In a Duster

Cardigans count as sweaters but hear us out. Duster cardigans receive a separate spotlight. They’re a major player in fall fashion. Cardigans are versatile and can be worn over dresses, blouses, or T-shirts. They come in various lengths and styles, such as chunky cable-knit or drapey waterfall cardigans. Choose neutrals like black, gray, or beige for easy pairing with other pieces. Layered outfits with a duster are dramatic and eye-popping. Dusters float over dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings, and dress pants. Longer is always better, and prints are particularly on-point. Buy a few statement sweaters to round out your wardrobe.

Knee-high socks are not only cute but also practical. They can be worn with boots or under jeans for extra warmth.

Scarves not only keep you warm but also add a pop of color and texture to your outfit. Choose cozy infinity scarves, blanket scarves, or silk scarves for a touch of elegance.

Remember to mix and match different textures and patterns to create interesting and stylish outfits. Layering allows you to adjust your clothing to the changing temperatures throughout the day. Have fun experimenting with different combinations to find what suits your style and keeps you cozy during the fall season.

Now that you’ve learned the secrets behind the most stylish layered outfits for fall, upgrade for autumn. What a way to start the season!

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