HIFU: Why Is It The Best Facelift Option Now

Is the sight of sinking skin, deep lines, and creases, or other signs of aging affecting your self-confidence? Does it appear as though your minimally invasive therapies are not adequate or that they are not resolving your skin issues? 

Do you wish to appear younger than your actual age, but you don’t have the time to devote to using a multitude of cosmetic products? Worry no more because a facelift may be the greatest decision for you! With a facelift, you may get rid of sagging skin, wrinkles, deep creases, and loose skin all at the same time. As a result of this operation, you will have a more young and revitalized appearance.

Be alert and enthusiastic as we get to know more about the nature of facelift. Who knows, this might be the best choice for your beauty fantasies of healthy, glowing, and youthful skin!

What is HIFU

Some clinics offer effective non-surgical facelift procedures based on sending beams of powerful, high-intensity focused ultrasound energy, including the HIFU clinic Bangkok. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept “facelift,” HIFU is an abbreviation for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, a cutting-edge cosmetic treatment that drastically tightens and lifts numerous parts of the face simultaneously. It entails the application of ultrasonic energy or laser beams to the skin to stimulate the creation of natural collagen. 

The production of collagen causes the skin surrounding the face to become tighter and more supple. One of the reasons that the HIFU facelift is so popular is that it makes use of the body’s natural resources to achieve results. This indicates that there is no need for surgery and hence no requirement for healing and rehabilitation after the procedure. Furthermore, because it is a natural technique, customers appear to be a more improved version of themselves afterward.

Benefits Of HIFU Facelift Treatments

HIFU is a technique that employs concentrated ultrasonic radiation to target the layers of skin immediately beneath the surface of the skin. The heat produced by the ultrasonic energy causes the tissue to heat up quickly. It is possible for cells in a particular location to suffer from cellular damage after reaching a certain temperature level. While it may seem contradictory, the damage actually encourages the cells to generate more collagen- a protein that gives the skin its structure. 

The increase in collagen leads to tighter, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles as a result of the collagen stimulation. Unlike traditional ultrasound treatments, which injure the upper layers of the skin and surrounding tissues, high-frequency ultrasonic treatment does not cause any damage to the lower layers of the skin. According to HIFU reviews, this procedure also helps in raising the cheekbones, brows, and upper eyelashes as well as tightening the decolletage. It is also a program that promotes that are natural-looking and long-lasting, as well as improving the overall appearance of the face.

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Does HIFU treatment really work?

When it comes to treatments for skin tightening, high-intensity focused ultrasound is a relatively new technology that some consider a painless alternative to facelifts. In this procedure, ultrasonic radiation is used to stimulate the creation of collagen, resulting in tighter skin. The most known usage of HIFU is in the treatment of tumors. 

The first recorded application of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for cosmetic purposes was in 2008. As such, the Food and Drug Administration authorized HIFU for brow lifts in 2009, making it the first FDA-approved aesthetic procedure. Also, in 2014, the FDA approved its effectiveness in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the upper chest and neckline.

Moreover, many people have reported that HIFU facials are effective. A study published in 2018 looked at 231 papers on ultrasound technology. After reviewing the studies that examined the use of ultrasound for skin tightening, body tightening, and cellulite removal, the researchers concluded that the procedure is safe and effective. As per the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, ultrasonic skin tightening often generates significant outcomes in 2–3 months, and attest that good skincare can assist in maintaining these benefits for up to 1 year after the procedure is completed.

Furthermore, according to the findings of research on the efficiency of HIFU facials in persons from Korea, the technique was most efficient in improving the look of wrinkles around the jawline, cheeks, and lips. In this study, the researchers compared standardized images of subjects taken before the therapy with photographs taken three and six months after the treatment.

How many sessions of HIFU do you need?

The majority of customers just require one treatment. It is possible that certain customers will benefit from subsequent treatments, depending on the degree of skin laxity, the biological reaction to ultrasonic energy, and the individual’s collagen-building process. Because skin continues to age, subsequent touch-up treatments can assist customers in keeping up with the body’s natural aging process in the long run. Some customers, however, may require further treatments, depending on their body’s ability to produce collagen and the present state of their skin.

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Cosmetic Professionals suggest a maintenance treatment that is repeated every 6 – 12 months. The program includes Mini HIFU, which may be performed 2 – 3 months following HIFU skin tightening for a more natural appearance. It will aid in the retention of muscle and skin texture memories. You can additionally undergo one treatment a year after that to keep the benefits of the therapy from fading away completely.

Is HIFU treatment safe?

Tightening the face skin using high-intensity focused ultrasound is considered safe, effective, and noninvasive. It is difficult to argue with the benefits of this procedure over a surgical facelift. There are no incisions, no scars, and no need for rest or recovery time following the process. More than 250,000 treatments have been performed successfully using the HIFU method across the world. Ultrasound energy has been employed in a safe manner in medical applications for more than 50 years in the industry.

Can HIFU cause nerve damage?

It is not yet determined what causes nerve injury during high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment; nevertheless, shrinking and retraction produced by deep penetration of HIFU and heat energy might pose harm to nerve branches. Despite this, because HIFU treatments are performed by professional dermatologists who are specialists in this field, preventative measures may be taken with confidence, including the use of reduced-intensity to apply ultrasonic radiation in the treatment area. Furthermore, getting this procedure is far safer than undergoing surgical facelifts, which include using needles and other equipment to cut directly into your skin, which may result in scarring and other wound marks while being performed.

How long does HIFU treatment last?

After having your HIFU treatment, you may see some immediate improvements. Still, the full results will appear for  2-3 months, as your body naturally regenerates collagen during this time. Because the process increases your collagen creation, the length of time that the results last is entirely dependent on your efforts. This ultra-radiation treatment stimulates the production of new collagen inside, but the time it takes for effective visible results to appear on the outside will depend on your natural aging process. The effects of HIFU treatments can endure for up to a year or more. Consequently, we cannot provide a more specific period because outcomes vary based on an individual’s collagen production process and other lifestyle factors that may influence the aging process. The reality is that we are becoming older every day, but HIFU will help to slow down the aging process.

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Can HIFU be permanent?

Treatments using high-intensity focused ultrasound is permanent. The patient’s post-treatment lifestyle, on the other hand, will have an impact on the outcome. In order to achieve the greatest effects, it is highly recommended that the therapy be combined with regular exercise and a nutritious diet. It is also necessary to have the body HIFU therapy repeated 6 to 8 weeks apart following the initial treatment. The number and intensity of required treatments will be determined by the size of the undesired fat pockets and the size of the target region. Once the natural aging process takes control, you will almost certainly require future HIFU treatments. After one year, 97.8 percent of those who participated in the research said the improvement was very good or above their expectations; the effects are long-lasting.

To sum it up…

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatments are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that may be used to rejuvenate aged skin without the need for surgery. It helps in tightening your sagging skin on the face and body, particularly on the lower face, around your eyes region, and on the neck, among other areas. 

Ultrasound energy is used to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface during the therapy. It warms up the skin tissue, which stimulates the nerve endings in the targeted location. Because collagen production increases while the wound heals, the skin becomes tighter and younger-looking. HIFU technology is fundamentally different from radio frequency, skin, and other types of skin treatments in terms of effectiveness. It is a non-surgical method that may be used to raise the face and neck as well as shape the body. Isn’t it promising? 

Heads up! If you want to learn more about HIFU’s face lifting operations as well as other important information, you may visit for more information. One treatment may now give you tightened, young, and shining skin, thanks to the HIFU skincare facial trend, which has been quite popular recently! What are you waiting for?

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