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Been importance to make this post for some time. I’ve had my Cloud Miniature for about a year now, and ran into different issues during that time.

I generally needed to post here or contact shishabucks, so I figured I’d make life more straightforward for other people and put what I realized across the board place.

So here are a few speedy tips and fixes for the Shishabucks Cloud Miniature. Trust they help!


Rubbery taste

Out of the case, the silicone parts might have a rubbery taste to them, regardless of whether you wash them. I never tracked down a prompt fix, yet the taste disappeared after under 10 dishes. In the event that any of you folks have a fix for this, lmk and I’ll refresh this post.

The line on the logo is the fill line. Filling a lot higher than that will get water in your hose.

The diffuser prevents water from going up the stem while cleansing, so try to utilize it.

After around a half year, I figured out that the allen key that accompanies your pack is utilized for eliminating the silicone vault under the top (yea I’m moronic).

This permits you to do a profound clean of everything. I utilize my Miniature day to day, so I do this consistently or 2. I scour everything, and leave every one of the parts in cleaning arrangement over night. Any longer than that, and the internal parts can get truly gunky.

Shishabucks sells a $20 Silicone Substitution Pack ($30 with transportation to US) which will fix the vast majority of the accompanying issues. All things considered, having gone overboard for an exceptional item, I for one didn’t think I’d need to pay more after only 7 months of purpose.

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Issues I’ve ran into, and how I fixed them:

O-rings on the stem emerging from the depressions when you put the stem through the top

Try not to drive the stem into the top. Doing this can prompt the O-rings loosening up and ultimately breaking.

However, rub a little water on the O-rings and the opening in the top before you put the stem. It ought to simply pop right in. In the event that it doesn’t, simply rub somewhat more water on the rings.

Assuming the rings are lubed up you’re actually utilizing extreme power to get it in, it’s conceivable that you got some unacceptable size O-rings. Contact Shishabucks. They gave me a silicone trade pack for half off when I had this issue.

At least 1 cleanse valves staying.

Smoke and water blend, and begin to cake on the cleanse balls and elastic/metal around them. Two or three months, they’ll begin to stick and at least 1 valves won’t work.

As a deterrent measure and handy solution, I like to take a slim straw and blow hard on every valve while cleaning, ousting water. It simply requires a second, and keeps them clean for longer.

Do a profound clean.

Utilize the allen key that accompanied your hookah and eliminate the elastic vault from the cover. Leave the cleanse balls and all metal parts in a cleaning arrangement over night. It may not fix the issue totally, yet it helped me.

Tobacco juice getting in the base

This will occur in the event that you don’t utilize a channel bowl. It can likewise work out on the off chance that you over pack a pipe bowl.

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Assuming this occurs, check and ensure there are no tobacco leaves trapped in your diffuser after your meeting. Assuming that there are, simply pop the silicone out and clean it.

Water ascending through the stem and demolishing your bowl while pulling

I’ve generally filled the water simply over the diffuser and as of late had this issue. I think, after some time, the silicone in my diffuser gradually turned into a less close fit with the stem – permitting water through the highest point of the diffuser and up the stem.

I took a stab at cleaning the diffuser, yet it didn’t actually work.

I utilized my Silicone Substitution Pack, and haven’t had this issue since. I figure what did it was explicitly supplanting the silicone in my diffuser.

The supplanting pack accompanies:

  • Dark hose (simply the hose)
  • I think you’ll need to pay extra on the off chance that you need a white hose.
  • Silicone vault and metal connections
  • Metal parts for the vault
  • Silicone and ball for diffuser
  • New cleanse valve balls
  • 2 O-rings for stem
  • Allen key
  • Grommet for bowl

At last, this post could happen to as regrettable audit towards Shishabucks; it’s not. I’ve had customary hookahs give me a lot of issues too. The advantages of my Cloud Miniature far offset the issues I have. It smokes perfect, is extremely simple to clean, and has a quality vibe to it. I love my little hookah (:

I trust this post assists anybody investigating issues with their Cloud Miniature. On the off chance that you all have anything to add to this, vibe allowed to as needs be remark and I’ll alter the post!

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