Lifestyle Factors Affecting Sexual Health

An estimated 20 million adults contract a sexually transmitted disease each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many of these infections go undetected, and even those with symptoms may not be aware of their presence. Understanding sexually transmitted diseases will help you protect yourself and others in the future. HPV is the most common STD and has more than 40 types, and almost every sexually active person will contract it at some point in their life. Educating yourself is the best protective measure you can employ. visit here

What are the Lifestyle Aspects of Bad Sexual Health?

Many people struggle with their sexuality and the result is a decreased desire to have sex. Factors like low self-esteem and negative body image are just a few contributing to this phenomenon.  A lack of interest in sex may be related to many factors relating to your physical health. A decrease in estrogen levels, for example, may result in slower arousal and decreased vaginal dryness. Changing bodies and emotions also have a significant impact on a person’s desire to have sex. Lifestyle factors such as obesity, smoking, and poor nutrition can also have a negative impact on sex. 

If it’s been too long since you have been intimate with your partner then maybe you should take a closer look at your lifestyle to understand what might be causing it. Usually, lifestyle factors are the root cause of boring or unexistent sex life.

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So let’s take a look at those factors hindering your prime moments of life.

Busy Life Schedule

With so many tasks, meetings and just the business of our cities, it is hard to find time to relax and just be with each other. The race to beat others and enjoy a luxurious life has broken the connections between people. The urge to make money has made everyone selfish, and sometimes we tend to forget about our human pleasures. Even the most in love couples are not safe from this energy-draining environment. When both partners are working full time, it is hard to find time for some romance.

Busy Life Schedule

Feeling Tired

After a hectic schedule in the office, dropping and picking up children from school and driving on the noisy and jam-packed roads can make you absolutely exhausted. After having a very demanding day, the energy level will be the lowest! And even though sex is not necessarily a sports activity, it requires a lot of energy and desire, and without these two components, it simply does not work.

Not Taking Care Of Your Body

When you tied the knot, you both were in the best of your figures and health. In order to stay attractive, you have to invest time and effort. If you don’t do that,  then don’t be surprised that your partner doesn’t find you attractive anymore. Furthermore, obesity affects your sexual health and can also lead to heart, blood pressure, and kidney diseases, so make sure to keep your body in shape for your health as well not just for the sake of your sex life. 

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Junk Food

If when choosing between eating fresh and healthy foods and junk foods, you opt for burgers, pizzas and hot dogs daily, then you are inviting trouble to knock at your door. Keep in mind that fast food is not a substitute for a healthy and fresh diet. You better take fruits and vegetables to gain energy for better sexual health.

Junk Food

Drug Addiction 

If you visit your doctor for sexual testing and claim erectile dysfunction or low sexual drive, your doctor will ask you whether you smoke, drink or consume any illegal drug. You may get a negative report of any infection after sexual testing, but you won’t reach your peak health unless you stop abusing drugs, smoking and drinking. Make sure you respond to all the questions honestly in order to get the right help from your doctor.

right help

Last But Not Least

You are wrong if you think that love fades away after 5-6 years of a relationship and there is no harm in making love after having babies! You just need to bring some change in your daily lifestyle to all your worry and stress outside your door and dedicate yourself to your partner fully.

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