Lockdown Ends,

Lockdown End: Covid-19 Cases Begin To Rise Exponentially!

Experts are worried about the states’ decision to uplift the lockdown too swiftly. The USA, among one of the advanced countries in health technology, had seen being surrendered to this pandemic. The US death toll is one of the highest and a lot of people have lost their loved ones to Covid-19.

“Due to lockdown, we have lost to this pandemic economically but we have won lives.”

The matter is economic defines the livelihood of the people but health defines their life expectancy. The previous graph of lockdown tells us that we are not failed to stop the spread of this virus but we have saved many lives.

People opine that lockdown is not the solution to this pandemic because they have seen the spread even in the lockdown. There were cases reported on a huge scale even in the lockdown. So, lockdown is no solution to this!

On the other hand, experts hold the opinion that due to this lockdown we have saved many precious lives and their argument is as solid as rock. Last week, many states had uplifted the lockdown and try to kick-start the economy.

With the lockdown uplift, the graph of reported cases has risen exponentially. Some states have reported this increase to be with a percentage of 30% – New York is listed among the states which has seen a huge increase in reported cases.

So, what is the solution, the experts believe that government officials have taken this decision to early perhaps we should wait for some days more and the outcome can be different after an extended lockdown.

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As the cases are increasing, it is solely the responsibility of individuals to save their lives by following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and follow the model of smart lockdown! The increase in cases is also due to ignorance of people, some still believe that there is no such thing as Coronavirus and after lockdown, they are not following any precaution and they will be the ones who will pay the higher price of this crisis. An image of people of Arizona got viral that shows a people congregation at Grand Canyon.

We should help our government officials and follow the instructions of Social Distancing to flatten the curve for ourselves. Once, it is over, we can do whatever, we want to do but at this time of crisis, we will also suggest that stay home, stay safe.

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