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Pandemic Depression: 2-Mins Read for Every US Individual

Pandemic Depression:

US people have been previously traumatized by the 911 and the Ebola outbreak but this COVID-19 pandemic has caused them more damage than the former twos. One-fourth of US individuals fall prey to this deadly aftershock (Pandemic Depression) of Coronavirus.


A research experiment performed by Boston University revealed that before the pandemic the total population of the US who were facing the depression were approximately 9% of the whole population but due to COVID-19 this toll jumps to 29% of the total population.

The people who have been affected the most are teenagers. Kids and old age people have been depressed but the number, when compared to adults and teenagers, is very small.

Moreover, research finds that each individual who had less than 5K USD savings is depressed. Because of the financial pressure of society. Health experts suggested people save something for rainy days.

The research has also unveiled the demographic perspective of the study. That explains the effect has been the same in all regions across the whole US. Each state has been affected equally from the pandemic.

How to overcome Pandemic Depression?

Depression is one of the most dangerous illnesses that a man can fall victim to it. But the thing that one should not forget that it is a medical condition and can be treated with care and medication.

If you have been feeling down and been experiencing the changes in your mood after this pandemic then you are also most likely to be affected with this COVID-19 and you need to consult the mental health expert today!

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Otherwise, you can fill this questionnaire to check: How depressed you are! This questionnaire will be giving you an estimated result, it can vary. If your questionnaire shows that you have been suffering from depression then you don’t have to be worry and keep yourself strong. Moreover, you can make healthy activities to be a part of your routine to lessen the effect of depression.

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