Thinking About Online Running? Start Today with Free Membership

Are you thinking about joining a running club? Usually, these clubs are exclusive and they demand punctuality, regular attendance and you might have to pay a lot every month as fees. This might make you think again before joining them. But, relax, we have an easier option for you.

Introducing Online running with the Vingo App. Vingo is the latest Virtual Reality platform designed exclusively for work-outs such as running, jogging and cycling. The app gives you an outdoors experience all the while you exercise on your treadmill or an exercise bike. The best part about this is that it is free right now. So, before we get you your free membership into the app, let’s look at how the app works.

Vingo – A Multi-Purpose Versatile Fitness App

Vingo is an easy-to-use app that can be installed on any smart device. Be it your android phone or tablet or even your smart TV. The latest updates have made it available in the Apple App Store too making it available in your iPhones and iPads. Once you install it you can then go on to connect the app via phone to your treadmill. If you have the latest models, it will be enabled with Bluetooth, hence it is much easier. However, if you have an older version of a treadmill, you can use the app as an independent module and enter its required measurements such as your running speed, pace etc manually. Or you could get a cadence or a speed monitor too.

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Virtual Running can be a Fun Exercise to Do

After connecting your treadmill and the app, you can go on to select your map. The maps are the virtual locations you will be running in inside the app. These locations are meant to keep you mentally stimulated while you exercise. You can select your favourite spots in the maps and the app will display the sceneries on your screen. Once you start running you will notice the scenery adjust themselves according to your movements. So, instead of running as an exercise, you will be going on a virtual Indoor running adventure every day. If this isn’t a fun way to exercise, what is?

Don’t Constrain Yourself within the Four Walls

With Vingo by your side, you will never be bored of your treadmill again. Afterall, you have transformed your exercise into an adventure. Gone are the days when you had to run silently on your treadmill staring pointlessly at a wall in your room. This amazing Online running app will bring back the little child inside you to have fun.

Get Fit with a Simple iPhone

The latest update, like we said earlier, is that the new biking app is now available for iPhones too. So, all you Apple & iPhone lovers out there, get ready for the adventure of your lifetime. Use the app to elevate the exercise experience into an experience of a lifetime. Explore new locations and energise yourself with the app.

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