What is a guided dental implantation and what are its main advantages?

To answer this question, we first need to understand what a guide template is and what it looks like. A guide template for dental implants is a special mouthguard that is created specifically for your jaw, taking into account all the anatomical features. This ensures that the work is done as accurately as possible, which in turn results in a smaller wound from implant placement and faster healing.

There are different types of templates for all types of patients:

  1. Template with bone fixation is suitable for patients with a complete lack of teeth, but with sufficient bone.
  2. The soft-tissue template is suitable for patients with few teeth. In this case it clings to the gingiva.
  3. Template with fixation on neighboring teeth is used when an implant must be placed but the patient has neighboring teeth. This option is the most common.

What is the advantage of a guide template for dental implantation?

  1. 1) Of course, this is precision. If previously implants were placed manually, which occasionally led to inaccurate placement (human error), now, due to the technology of guided surgery, accuracy to 0.1 mm and 1 degree of inclination is achieved.
  2. 2) The implant lasts longer. By positioning the implant more correctly and calculating accurately, the implant itself lasts longer.
  3. Time savings. A dental implant can be placed in this case in 20 minutes, which saves both the patient and the doctor time.
  4. Fewer incisions. By planning the surgery more precisely in advance, it is possible to avoid many incisions, which results in faster and less painful postoperative recovery and healing.
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Thus, the use of a dental guide surgery template for implants makes future surgery much more predictable and accurate.

In this case, the stages of such an operation for the patient is not very different from the standard installation of dental implants, namely:

  • Diagnostics
  • Preparation
  • Modeling
  • Making a template
  • Implantation

To summarize, if you have a choice between placing an implant with or without a surgery template, you should definitely choose the option with it. This will allow for easier and less painful surgeries, as well as a quicker recovery time.

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