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Brain Supplements (Nootropics) and Brain Health

Brain Supplements or Cognitive Supplements aka Nootropics are used to fulfill the deficiency of micronutrients which lacks in our daily diet and after a specific period of time, they remain less in number and their deficiency affects our neural functioning. So, these micronutrients are taken in the form of supplements to raise this deficient amount to normal level for proper functioning of our brain. Now a question arises, is it real that somebody can be affected like that? The answer is yes, medical researches have shown majority of people due to not taking adequate amount of these nutrients have been suffering from many mental problems like memory loss, unconsciousness and attention etc.

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Brain Health is Important

Why are these Brain Supplements Important?

 Cognitive science tells us there are seven abilities of our brain which we utilize in our daily life.

These are mention below:

1: Intelligence

2: Attention

3: Knowledge

4: Learning and Development

5: Perception and Action

6: Consciousness

7: Memory

The importance of these abilities can’t be compromised. As, these abilities are responsible for the efficient working of our body throughout the whole life. These abilities got affected due to lack of different micronutrients and results in disturbing the life of a person, economically and physically as well. The person with any of the above defective ability is not able to win any race in life and left behind others. Due to our negligence in choosing proper diet we end up having deficiency of these nutrients. But its never too late as long as we are alive. Brain Supplements have been introduced to overcome this absence of nutrients and maintain it to normal level.

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How does these Brain Supplements work?

It’s a bit technical question, lets make this easy. Our brain is composed of tissues and these tissues are of different types. Micronutrients of different types like Vitamin B12, Docosahexaenoic acid and Arachidonic acid, etc. These mentioned are most of the famous among those micronutrients. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Arachidonic acid (ARA) are essential brain specific fatty acids (BSFA) and these are responsible for development and progression of our body’s central nervous system.

Vitamin B12 is required for proper neural functioning and it is also responsible for referring and memorizing ability of the body.

Brain Health Tissues
Brain Tissues

All in all, the ingredients which are included in brain supplements are part of brain and they fulfill the deficiency of that nutrients in the body and in this way, they just improve and enhance our mental abilities.

When one should use Brain Supplements? Or Symptoms of deficiency of micro-nutrients?

Do you ever feel that you are not like anymore of a person, you were in the past? You forget small things and you do not remember them at the time of need, no matter how much attention and focus you pay to that specific thing but you cannot remember. Just like that, your concentration does not remain the same and you cannot concentrate on anything you want to. These are the signs of deficiency of micronutrients and one should not ignore them. If ignored, these can be very dangerous in near future.

If you feel these types of changes in your body than it is the time for you to take brain supplements regularly and live a healthy mental life.

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Is it safe to use Brain Supplements?

Researches conducted by scientists tells us that it is okay and best for the adults to use these supplements for improving their mental ability because these are utilizing their brain most than infants, children and old-aged people. Whether they are working or they are studying they need the best version of their selves. They cannot afford to be lazy and tired of their mind. So, they have been highly recommended to use these supplements.

Old people and children should take these supplements on doctor’s direction because they can tell them the exact product and dose for consumption.

Women during pregnancy should take these supplements by doctor’s advice because a recent study made by team of Imperial College London has shown that women who were consuming these supplements on regular basis have given birth to infants with large head as compared to normal infants. While, a research made by University of Alberta has shown that a decent amount of intake of these supplements prevent childhood and long-life disability in new born babies, which is very beneficial.

What are the best Brain Supplements with effective results?

We will update our website by best brain supplement products by reviewing and using them for you to tell what is the best product and which one you should use. Keep visiting our site to “live a platinum life”.


It is concluded that brain supplements are safer to use and these should be used for enhancing the abilities of brain and for maintaining proper neural functioning. Adults should take these supplements to maximize their mental efficiency to perform better at any work or field.

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