Covid 19 8 Million Globe Cases

COVID-19: 8 Million Cases Worst Globe Situation

SARS-CoV-2 viral infection cases have been crossed the figure of 8 million around the globe today (18-06-2020). The reported death figure so far is 0.43 million.

The novel coronavirus outbreak that has been supposed to report the first case in December 2019, has horrified the whole world in just 6 months. As the day passes, the cases are increasing as well as the death toll.

The Asian countries like India, who had imposed the curfew to stop the spread, are now being hit hardest with this pandemic. These countries at first, due to lockdown, had suffered economically but now they are suffering in the health sector. visit here

Now, as the cases are rising, the helplessness of the health sectors of developing countries is evident to all. Hospitals are facing a shortage in beds, ventilators, and other medical equipment that can provide aid in this pandemic.

8 million cases with the worst globe situation

On the other hand, the miserable condition of developed countries is no likely to be improved, as estimated by experts. The US, on uplifting the lockdown is seeing increase in cases with a new daily surge.

China, who had set the record, by stopping the spread with a perfect lockdown model, is reporting new cases in her capital city (Bejing) from last week.

Moving, towards New Zealand, a country, first ever to be considered a coronavirus free zone, has reported two new cases two days ago. Affected females travelled from the UK to their home country and at first, they were asymptomatic. Later, when they started to notice the symptoms, they rushed to the hospital and after tests they were reported SARS-CoV-2 positive.

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The experts have reported that it is impossible to control the spread with even a curfew or lockdown, the curfew or lockdown achieved the cause in a sense the ratio of affected with the passing day increased very slowly. Same can be done without curfew or lockdown, by social distancing and obeying the precautions given by WHO. This will cause a less burden on the economy of the country too! Otherwise, it is the society that has to suffer!

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