Covid-19 Vaccine aternative News

Alternative for COVID-19 Vaccine is Finally Here

This week, a British research institute was finally able to disclose a drug that could be considered as an alternative of vaccine for coronavirus.

As the world is tensed and demanding a vaccine for coronavirus, in the meantime, no one is sure when we will be this capacity to develop a vaccine. Some opine that we will get the vaccine by the end of December and some hold the opinion that it can even take a year and a half to develop a vaccine.

Something was required to save lives, and have been found.

Dexamethasone is the drug that has been clinically tested and recommended as the best drug for critical patients of COVID-19. You will be wondering is if it is a newly discovered or manufactured drug, this is quite a wrong presumption about this drug. It is an old drug that had been previously used by the doctors for the treatment of Arthritis, Cancers, and especially Immune System Disorders.

For the patients, who have the critical conditions, when consumed this drug it provides a boost to their immune system and particularly to those anti-bodies that are effective in fighting with this novel coronavirus. This was claimed by a research conducted by the British Medical Council.

Dexamethasone is a drug and only be consumed if it is prescribed by the doctor and taken only, the way as your doctor describes to take it. It is different from ordinary pain-killers and it can have serious consequences if taken with negligence.

Plus, there is another that is pertinent to mention that it is only effective in critical conditions, if you are facing mild conditions or having mild symptoms then do not try to take it because it can harm yourself more than provide the benefit. It should only be taken by your doctor’s advice.

It is a widely available drug and the best thing about this is it is super cheap! The health departments of different countries that had been managing the Actemra and other expensive life-saving drugs are now at ease with the discovery of this Dexamethasone because it has been declared as an alternative of Actemra injection.

Till the vaccine is discovered, we’ve to live with this virus. We have to keep researching for the life-saving drugs like Actemra and dexamethasone for saving lives and increasing life span. And also, we have to look for the cheapest possible solutions to provide developing and low GDP countries. Otherwise, they will suffer the most amid this pandemic.

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