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Loverbeby: Prostate Massager with Penis Ring [REVIEW]

Loverbeby Prostate Massager has been topped the list of Best Prostate Massagers created by Platinum Life. Here’s a complete in-depth review to this amazing vibrator.

Lets get started, for people who don’t know about the characteristics of the best prostate massager you can read about them by visiting the link.

Now moving towards the introduction of Loverbeby, I want you to ask your self a question, Do you like technology? Because the first thing about this massager is, it is a health-tech product.


Loverbeby prostate massager is a 9 mode wireless prostate massager designed in an innovative way to increase the feel of massage.

For women, it provides extreme sensations while giving massage your nifkin (the prostate part).

For people, who do not know about this type of massage, let us make you understand what does this 9 mode vibrations will do. Our body is very sensitive to vibrations and there are some vibrations for somebodies. Some suites with vibrations with fewer frequencies while some people like vibrations with higher frequencies. This massager gives nine modes of having all the frequencies for all types of pleasure. While doing, massage sometimes you need to change the frequency, it comes with a remote and you can change the frequency with it in no time.


The best part of this massager is its creation; it has a design of finger shape which makes it unique among other massagers. Our anal track follows a finger shape that is why it has been designed under this shape.

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For men, Two rings have been introduced in it. One is for Penis and the other one is for the scrotum.

These rings have the ability to manipulate the erection sensation and can increase the power in bed during intercourse. Men normally use penis rings separately to enjoy better but this comes with attached rings so you don’t have to use rings separately.


This is made up of medical silicone ( a special type of silicone approved by medical authorities for use ). This material makes it waterproof and there is no worry while cleaning. The handle part has a matte finish which makes it easy to grip while inserting.

We would recommend using lube while massage it will increase the pleasure and will also protect your anal track.


It is an 5.2 inch long prostate massager designed by loverbeby, comes in black color. It can be recharged with USB cable. It has a very low noise of less than 40 db. It can be fully charged in 2 Hrs and it can be used consectively for 1.5 Hrs.


  • FDA Approved
  • Easy to clean
  • It can be used by men and women
  • Medical Silicone Material for smooth insertion
  • Wireless remote
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Available at Amazon


  • rings size is of the standard penis under 6.5 inches.
  • Don’t lube much otherwise, it cannot stay in anal track.

Customer Reviews:

James: ” This is the first anal toy purchased for me and was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the design. The cock and ball rings were both tight enough to provide stimulation but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. And the remote was a nice addition for changing settings without having to try and reach around or pull the massager out to try and adjust while still running. Definitely a 5-star device. “

Final Verdict:

Loverbeby Prostate Massager is worth the money and if you are looking for a prostate massager for your self you should give it a try. People who bought it are loving it because of its design and pleasure. Team Platinum recommends it!

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4.9/5 - (9 votes)

Loverbeby: Prostate Massager with Penis Ring







  • 9-Mode Viberatios Mode
  • Easy to clean
  • It can be used by men and women


  • rings size is of the standard penis under 6.5 inches.